Cockenzie and Port Seton Children's Gala

fishergirls waving

About the Gala

Cockenzie and Port Seton Children's Gala is a unique community event normally held in May or June each year. The Gala involves primary school children who form a 'court', parade around the village on floats and (when possible) travel between the two harbours on fishing boats. The gala court take part in a crowning ceremony held in a local park. See the Gala Info page to learn more about the Gala.

About this site

This site is intended to provide information about past Galas. Use the menu links on this page to access pages on the history of the Gala and to see photos from previous galas. Click on the title of any page to go back to this page.

Please note that this site is not an official publication of present or past Gala organisers and should not be relied on for information about a future gala., It was developed in 2015 to fill a gap at a time when there was no official Gala website. In June 2019 a new official gala website was announced which was replaced by but this site was no longer accessible in early 2023.

Given this background this site will continue but will most likely transition to have a more historical outlook.